Zemax Productivity Assurance for OpticStudio

Protect your OpticStudio purchase with Zemax Productivity Assurance (ZPA)! ZPA delivers outstanding service and value with both license protection and discounts on training courses. ZPA can be purchased with a new license, or annually with a software maintenance plan renewal, and lasts for the length of your maintenance plan (one year). 

ZPA is included in the first year of the purchase price of OpticStudio Premium licenses, and is optional each year thereafter. It is optional when purchasing or renewing Standard or Professional licenses.

Zemax Productivity Assurance includes:
  • For hard key licenses, ZPA includes a one-time key replacement at 80% off the current price if the license is physically lost or stolen. You can read more about this policy here.
  • For soft key licenses, ZPA includes a one-time free key replacement if the license is lost due to hardware failure. A second request can be filed within the same period for 80% off the standard price. You can read more about this policy here.
  • Customers who purchase ZPA also receive 20% off one Zemax training course of your choice from our published course schedule. This discount can be used again each year that ZPA is purchased. 
Zemax reserves the right to revoke licenses for customers who inappropriately file for key replacement.

*If you need to file a key replacement claim, contact us and provide your license number. You will be sent a Key Replacement Form to verify the conditions of your loss of license.

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